Saturday, 12 September 2015


 Carol Dweck's research focuses on the development of a Growth mindset to improve the learning opportunities of all learners.  A Fixed mindset limits the learning opportunities by focusing on the barriers,  
This research is part of what informs Guy Claxton's BLP.  This fundamental change in understanding of the ability to learn is essential to reframing education

Strategies to Build Intrinsic Motivation

On Friday we had a staff meeting session using Story Hui to help teachers reflect on an aspect of their practice that they have changed or developed.

Some of the main themes that came through all the examples given throughout the school was student choice, student ownership of learning, and student responsibility.  Common outcomes from these innovations included greater motivation in most students to learn and greater engagement in learning activities where there attributes are present.

I stumbled upon this article today by David Palank about strategies to build intrinsic motivation of students.  His comments about getting rid of both the carrot and the stick fit in with the developments that we have been putting in place.

It is great to see that these innovations are happening throughout the school and developing naturally based on the improvements that teacher are noticing.  David's article adds a few new possibilities to consider for our next innovations.