Thursday, 3 October 2013

Reflection 4

The end….
Learning is amazing.  You always start out, thinking you know a bit, or maybe quite a lot and then discover you know next to nothing really.  In the end you know more than you did, but most importantly you know there is so much more out there to learn!

What I have learnt in this journey?
I think the key things I have learnt in this journey are;
1.       The pedagogy has got to change in order to take advantage of digital opportunities
2.       The planning and leadership required to effect that change is huge, but possible
3.       Despite the fact I can talk a lot, I’m not big on writing as much -

How did I learn them?
Stepping out of my comfort zone has been important and trying things that were not really my first choice.  I found the discussions on the Learn site fantastic, but struggled to follow the flow of ideas on twitter.  Blogging has been great, and I aim to carry on this train of thought beyond this course as it will be a great resource for me to return to as I try to improve my practice.  The valuable input from our lecturers has been noted by many participants and I agree it was a vital piece of this puzzle.  All of these aspects are supported by the reading I have been doing to find the trick of effective eLearning - time to play, support from peers, effective & knowledgeable leaders. 

I am including a link to my final essay - mainly so I can come back and remind myself what I have learnt when I am lost and not sure where to start again.  Hopefully it gets me a passing grade! I'll list some of my favourite articles at the end of this post

Where to from here?
Taking the theory into practice -   I have already started down the digital road – armed with enthusiasm, snippets of knowledge and many ideas.   Now I have a little more knowledge I know to look further than my school, taking in the big picture, while still noticing the little things.  I know to get in and get my own hands dirty, learning with my staff and giving them opportunities to lead as well.  I know to take time to play and explore and reshape.  I know to follow the data to focus on what is working.  I know to share my knowledge and enthusiasm.  And I know there are 1000 new ideas, just a tweet away!
Hopefully this will help make the path lead to greater success for my students, more fun for my staff, and more learning for me!

I'm really at the beginning... ready to help my class sing and dance!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Teenage Strategies for success

Struggling to get started, I commiserated with my 16yr old daughter who is writing essays for her year 12 classes.  'No worries,' she says - 'just go online -  Don't copy it, because they will know you cheated, but it will get you started and it gives you a good model of what an essay should look like.'

Who needs teachers when there are things like this :) and students like her to find them!