Friday, 23 October 2015

Self directed learning

Do no limit yourself to what other people can't do ~
Challenge yourself to discover how much YOU can do

I was thinking of this year's Professional Development opportunities, or the lack thereof, and lamenting that it was again not what I hoped it would be.  The provided support was lacking in depth and at best a repeat of learning we achieved 3-4 years ago and had no impact on the teaching and learning within the classroom and therefore no effect on student achievement.  As such I suppose it was a waste of resources... So what are my choices, complain that yet again we were under-served?  That due to our location our school was again handed second best?  toss my hands up in the air and do no more because those who 'led' pd cannot deliver what we need to improve our pedagogy?

These certainly are the easy options.  They would excuse us from having responsibility for not progressing in our own skills.  But I wouldn't accept this of my students.  I have taught my students through our exploration of Building Learning Power that this is not what good learners do.
So what will I change for 2016?

Self directed learning - a challenge to once again lead my own learning and that of my staff.  Until we find a professional development provider that can actually provide for us what we request, we will have to lead ourselves and leave the others to spin their own wheels.