Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hargreaves - A decade of educational change

Hargreaves (2009) states that as the economic and social constructs of the world are changing, so too must education change.  How education is changing however is of mixed success.  Large scale reform imposed from a top down approach has proven to have mixed results at best, even when based on successful innovations from other areas.  Teachers can only really learn when they are in their own classroom, connecting with other teachers.  The introduction of test based success for schools has shown focus on achieving acceptable scores results in the neglect of curriculum and pedagogy developments to meet the new needs of students.  Over-testing deteriorates child well-being, deters innovation and creativity, and the exploration necessary for child development.  Data should be used as a basis for setting goal, but within reason and in consultation with anecdotal evidence.  The biggest influence on student achievement comes from outside the school.  Supporting children through their families and community, as well as schools could have a bigger effect on student achievement than in school innovation.  Leadership within school needs to change from manager to leaders capable of inspiring innovation and creativity in the classroom. 

Hargreaves, A. (2009). A decade of educational change and a defining moment of opportunity:an introduction. Journal of Educational Change, 10(2/3), 89-100.

The more I read the more the connection with community is an obvious common thread - But I am wondering how to establish this in a community where parents are largely happy with current practice and perhaps are less likely to see the need for changing?  and how to establish this in families that already feel pressured for time and energy  ... A question I should put out there to my community, perhaps my assumptions are not correct.

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