Tuesday, 23 June 2015

positive feedback

Sometimes when we are caught up in the chaos of all we have to do it is difficult to see if anything we are doing is making a difference, if any one is noticing, or if all the changes and extra effort is just extra work having no impact.
But there have been a few (unexpected) things turn up that are encouraging to see and to help keep the momentum of what we are doing.
This shared doc is by a keen learner in year 6 who decided to share the reading/writing task with those in the same group to help each other.  This is a great example of Ako, shared learning, collaboration, building learning power, etc etc that we have been trying to foster with the children.

This message came from a parent regarding the BLP section we have added to our newsletter this year.  It is great to know that at least 1 parent is reading the section, finding it interesting and better yet, able to 'see' it is happening and having an effect on their child's learning.

These small actions certainly encourage me to keep moving down the path we are on and encouraging the staff to keep being resilient, resourceful, reflective and reciprocal in their learning and their teaching.

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