Friday, 26 July 2013

The path to teacher leadership in educational technology

Sherry, L., & Gibson, D. (2002). The path to teacher leadership in educational technology. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education[Online serial], 2(2). Available:

This article considers how teachers’ ability to use technology and the support they receive impacts the ability to embed the effective use of technology in an educational institution.  While individuals may succeed in developing strong practice, the dissemination of that skill through to other classrooms is a complex task.  It needs not only the resources infrastructure, but also the support of administration, opportunities for professional development and opportunities to share experiences. Sustainability of innovations is also a concern.  If lead teachers with passion and skills are not celebrated and rewarded, they often move to a different school where they can further develop their skills.  The use of a Personal Learning Portal is suggested as a means to record the learning journey of teachers.

Impact :
Implementing effective e-learning as part of teacher professional development can enhance the learning opportunities of staff.  This can allow teachers to co-produce knowledge and lead their own development.

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