Monday, 30 September 2013

Articles, articles and more articles!!!!

My parents used to tell me that watching too much TV would make my eyes go square, but I think the real worry is that reading too many articles on a computer screen will!  There are too many possibilities out there sometimes, and I am loving the ideas - but like scenario planning, pulling out the general effects and planning for / aiming for those seems to be the way to go!
There are so many things that inspire me to change/revise what I am doing as a teacher and as a principal I think the challenge will be to pick 1 path and start a journey.  
The following are some of the articles that I have read and may include in my final assignment.  I did intend to include summaries of them on here, but I think I will just attach my completed annotated bibliography to a later post. 
I am looking forward to the end of this course with eager anticipation and dread.  I have enjoyed the challenges and excitement of new learning, the conversations and questions and will dearly miss the professional discussions I have participated in and eves-dropped on.  But I am really looking forward to a little less pressure!

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