Wednesday, 28 August 2013

2 down ....1 to go...

What a monumental task!  Despite all the distractions and speed bumps I've had I thought I was on top of things...
I have managed to submit the first 2 assignments - the annotated bibliography with essay and the scenarios for alternate futures. I found the bibliography and essay the biggest challenge - I found the lead up tasks somewhat scattered, in part due to my own schedule, but also I think I found it hard to follow so many different places to post ideas. I have never been a fan of this type of assignment as I always feel a little like I'm just proving that I read lots of articles by rewording them to prove my idea was actually theirs.

The scenario planning was fun!  (hopefully I will still think so after I get my mark) I enjoyed considering the vast possibilities out there and how we could get there.  I think that is closer to what I naturally do within my leadership - although possibly I take a few too many leaps towards things without enough planning.

Today I can across an article about the possibility of using cognitive enhancing drugs to increase the achievement of our struggling students.  A great scenario article as it looked at a variety of possibilities and viewpoints.  If I can find an online version I will add a link.

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