Sunday, 11 August 2013

Scenario Matrix

The two uncertainties I have used on my matrix are; Pedagogical development and Internet access

These are both important factors in my context as a primary school leader and teacher. 

In order to fully develop the use of e-learning opportunities, pedagogical reform needs to take place.  Teachers need to adapt their current practice to incorporate ICT and e-learning and as blended classrooms and open resources develop teaching may become a very different skill than we currently use.

Internet access is also an important factor.  In a rural setting access to the internet at school can be unreliable, and many students cannot yet access reliable internet at home.  As the use of interactive games and instructional video increases the pressure on the existing infrastructure is increased.  The cost of upgrading to the use of fibre is currently inhibitive to small schools.  The access to internet must improve if learners are to be able to make the most of e-learning opportunities.

Typewriters : This is the ideal quadrant, where access to internet resources is unlimited, fast and reliable and teachers have developed mew pedagogical strategies to facilitate self-directed learning within the educational setting.

Pens: This quadrant has developed new pedagogical strategies to incorporate e-learning opportunities; however teachers are limited by the limits of internet access including speed and reliability.

Pencils:  This quadrant has improved access to internet resources through a fast reliable network; however they have yet to develop new pedagogical practice to use these resources more effectively.

Quills:  This quadrant has limited access to internet resources and as such has not needed to develop / evolve their pedagogical practice as learning opportunities have not developed beyond current practice. 


  1. This is really easy to understand and I can see that you have used polar opposites in your thinking. Your explanation is very clear. I agree that your 2 uncertainties are are important factors.
    Nice work.

  2. Thanks Arnika - on reflection I see that I have also chosen 2 aspects that I feel I have some degree of control over... not sure if that it playing the game correctly or not, but it at least means that I can plan a course of action to aim for the best scenario :)