Monday, 12 August 2013

University Students’ Perception of the Pedagogical use of Podcasts

University Students’ Perception of the Pedagogical use of Podcasts: A Case Study of an Online Information System Course.

This study considered the use of podcasting as a means to deliver supplementary information to course participants.  Their findings supported the information found in a literature review completed as part of their research.  Students found the podcasts beneficial when reviewing concepts, it supported distance learners, aided the review of material, and assisted those who were absent from a lesson.  The disadvantages found when using podcasts included; unidirectional communication, limitations of technology used, classroom session not designed to use podcasts, and it encouraged absenteeism.  It was also noted that some students found it difficult to remain focused on an audio only presentation, especially it if was longer than 20 minutes. (Khechine, Lakhal, & Pascot, 2013)


While this study researched the use of podcasts with university students, many of the same issues apply in primary school.  The length and appropriateness needs to be considered to ensure that students are not becoming bored or distracted with listening to recordings.  This study also highlights the need to plan for more opportunities to communicate about the recordings and to plan for the use of the podcasts or a discussion time within the class to make the most of the learning opportunity.


Khechine, H., Lakhal, S., & Pascot, D. (2013). Universtiy students' perception of the pedagogical use of podcasts: A case study of an online information system course. Journal of Education and Training Studies, 1(2), 136 - 151.

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