Sunday, 2 February 2014

2014's learning journey

A new year a new challenge

This year brings a great change of pace.  Study leave!  This year I will be working away at 4 courses.  This will complete my Master's of Education - endorsed in Leadership.  While the courses will challenge me, I am hoping the time frame won't.  Having completed 3 courses last year while working, I am hoping I will be able to use this year as a re-charger year as well.

So this year's courses:
  1. EDEM634 - leadership of learning
  2. EDEM637 - Distributing leadership for learning
  3. EDEM638 - Curriculum Leadership
  4. EDEM639 - Leadership for School and Centre Improvement
What I hope to gain from this is a refinement of my skills as a leader, strategies to improve outcomes for my school, or any school I am fortunate enough to work with, and some new knowledge that I didn't know I didn't know :)

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