Saturday, 8 February 2014

Curriculum Presentation

Course 638 focuses on Curriculum Leadership.  Task 1 is to develop a powerpoint presentation focusing on an aspect of Curriculum Development.

While it is early days, and I am sure my thinking will evolve as I complete some readings etc.  there are 3 aspects which pop into my head as possible focus areas.

  1. Learning area focus - Technology - This is a learning area that we have not focused on much in the last three years so it is our priority this year. This presentation would be for the benefit of the staff.
  2. Pedagogy focus - We have been exploring/dabbling with a Reggio Emelia inspired teaching model and it would be great to delve into that further and introduce it further to new staff and BOT members.
  3. ICT focus - another development in our pedagogy is the development of learning through e-Learning strategies. This presentation would be for the benefit of BOT and staff, and possibly for the parents.
I am not sure which aspect would be the best yet - in part it will depend on the resources I can find to support my presentation - perhaps a place to find help with the most valuable will be in the staff room - the area my staff feel they need the most support to develop is perhaps the best area to focus on...

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