Sunday, 23 February 2014

634 - Catching the knowledge wave? (reading 1)

Gilbert, J. (2005). Catching the knowledge wave? The knowledge society and the future of education. Wellington, NZ: NZCER Press

This article discusses the changing meaning of knowledge from that of a product to that of a process that can create economic value.  It considers this in relation to the development of state education to support economic and industry needs.  The change from industrial based education to a knowledge based one is slow. 
Knowledge was a product, it is now a process – it is now considered to be knowledge when it can be used to produce something new…. Not produced in the minds of individuals, but in the interactions between people.

Focus question
o    To what extent do you think recent reforms and changes are meeting the requirements of the knowledge age?

I believe that recent reforms are encouraging development towards meeting the needs within the knowledge age.  However there are many barriers to these developments such as parental fear of an unknown / unfamiliar education system, limited resources within schools, and a reluctance to move away from teaching practice that has been seen as successful.

In implementing changes to teaching practice at my school, I have been questioned by the BOT to ensure that the changes are not too far from traditional practice, or what would be seen in other schools which may not be embracing reforms.

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