Sunday, 16 February 2014

639 Reading Key challenges for educational leaders

Key challenges for educational leaders

Duignan, P. (2006). Educational leadership. Key challenges and ethical tensions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

This text considers some of the difficulties educational leaders face, such as dealing with underperforming staff, implementing change, work/life balance, and dealing with confrontational student behaviour. 

It notes that successful leaders develop and communicate a clear, purposeful vision and develop strong relationships with their staff to support the permeation of the values.  Dealing with issues and difficult tasks in a timely manner supports the building of trust and ensures the strategic sense of development can progress.  Ensuring there is time to reflect, relax and regroup is important to all levels of leadership and this must be considered and planned for. 

My thoughts –

-          In a teaching principal position many of the relationship/communication issues highlighted in this text seem to be more manageable.  Perhaps because of the small number of staff to develop relationships with, and also the closeness within which we work.  Dealing with difficult issues quickly is difficult, but if the students are kept as the priority in the situation it is easier to make necessary decisions.

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